Media – The Differences Between Internet Media and the Radio

With so many different venues to derive news from today, most people limit their news consumption to only a few of those many. Integrated into a daily routine, most sources are fit to the type of schedule that allows. For example, those who sit down for morning breakfast often times find media companionship in a daily newspaper delivered to their front door. Others who sit in front of a computer for hours upon hours a day find their news goldmine in online news sources. I happen to be one of the latter.
With a students schedule, and a computer on hand for the majority of my day, online news is the easiest and most up-to-date source available to me. In between typing up papers, checking e-mail, or surfing the net trying to find the best deal on the latest digital technology, I click on my bookmark for or and get the latest dish on what’s going on nationally and internationally. Coverage on online sites is far more extensive than coverage found in newspapers or other print media. This is due to the infinite space available on the net as oppose to space restricted by printing costs and size limitation. Images, videos and even interactive presentations fill the screen with news in an entertaining light, not just words on a page. As such, this media source goes far beyond simply relaying information as it was recorded but educating the public through more than one medium at time.

Not only is online news more visually pleasing and comphrensive, but it is more readily accesible for people such as myself who are often on the go. Clicking in for a few minutes at a time allows one to scan the main stories and their synopsis, without having to sift through pages. It also provides updates on old stories and continuously brings forth new information almost to the minute. As oppose to newspapers or other printed sources, online media is always current and relevant, a primary reason why I choose it as a main source of news. Despite the fact that the internet is uniquely engaging, it lacks a particular appeal to multitaskers. Delving into internet news requires almost all, if not all, attention to be placed on the medium. This however, is not true for some news sources, namely radio.

Radio news channels provide a diverse amount of information that is easily digestable. Short and to the point, radio news broadcasts allow the listener to be updated on major news while going about their normal routine. The method does not interfer with what the listener may be do ing otherwise, but rather works as a supplement. As such, radio broadcasts carry only the most relevant and attention grabbing news. This, in essence, does not burden the listener but rather encourages them to tune in and share a sense of local or even global awareness.

Being a student, it’s not always possible to do one thing at a time but rather, it is almost a requirement to do many things at one time. As such, having a news radio update is immensly helpful as it does not require the listener to be directly engaged with the medium. With the push of a button and a little scanning I can leave the radio on and expect timely updates on important happenings locally and internationally while I type up a paper, wash the dishes or clean up, Also paper writing service is a best medium to get them published as soon as possible. Simply having a medium that only requires one sense to be engaged allows for a lot of flexibilty but it often isn’t as informatlive and engaging as actually watching news unfold before you.

Televison news is by far the most engaging and entertaining medium that I use regularly. It allows for live feeds, exclusive footage and demanding interviews on the dot. With a variety of styles and colorful anchors, television news is not simply information, it is entertainment. News shows provide in depth stories with interviews and shocking footage that cannot be captured and devlivered with so much feeling and intracacy over any other medium. Images are powerful but video coverage brings news into a whole new light. With television we are able to see news unfold, not merely read or hear about it.

The entertaining and engaging nature of television news is what really draws me in. It captures the attention of the audience through a variety of images, still and moving, graphs, text and other vibrant methods of displaying information. I find it to be a medium which appeals to the masses. You don’t have to be at a particular reading level to understand it, or have acces to new technology; television media is available to all at a basic level. Many people form attachments to local stations, favor particular anchors and simply enjoy watching their presentation. Different styles and techniques allow for a diverse audience as different methods of presentation encourage awareness and action. Television news makes events real, not merely stories on a page.

Though all news mediums are beneficial in their own way, each one does have its strengths and weaknesses. Different mediums appeal to different individuals based on factors such as demographics, location, understanding and lifestlye. News sources, whatever they may be, have a great significance in society today. Coverage, in-depth or otherwise, allows an individual to be connected to their local community or even the global community. This sense of unity and belonging creates a mentality of responsibility. Speaking for myself, it creates a desire to give back, to make changes and to be part of history in the making as an informed and educated individual.